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Who we are?

We started our Journey in with the Passion for food and dream to make a stand in different culture and foreign land. July 2016 we started our Journey as De MASALA BOX, although initially it was not an icing on the cake and literally we were worried about how people will accept us with new concept of Indian food. Time went by neighbour and local offices started feeling our presence and our idea of presenting Indian Street style homemade healthy food. In the month of 2017 we got an opportunity to do Bollywood Evening with the help of Auderghem Commune and many nice officials helps us in making this event successful. It was a success and now we were more accepted by local public.

Mean time we organized couple of Buffet, small food event, Launching New dishes at our places to showcase our food expertise and concept. Lot of good appreciation, feedback and positive vibes from people nearby. Year 2020 started well, we decided to launch 5 more dishes by March - April (Spring), everything was going well, but COVID -19 pandemic suddenly hit back and shattered our dream of running it successfully. Entire HORECA industry are at the brink of struggle and losses, so we are. We got support of 1610€ via social fund which is not enough to suffice the other expenses. We are also trying our full hand on Online orders via our website : or via uberEATS in the evening. Its hard and tough to raise money this time, that's why we are seeking small gesture from everyone to support us.

What do we need the money for?

Lease, utilities, building expenses, labor, payroll, inventory (enough to cover 4 months of operation). We are raising 8000€ which will help us in coming 4 months to stabilize it. 

What can you do?

Any donation you can give would be incredible! Even €5 goes a long way! You could also help by posting and sharing our donation link on all your social media pages. Help us spread the word to reach our goal! We do not receive any money unless the goal is met. Any donation or social media shout out would be much appreciated! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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1. Donation 6€ - Free WRAP 

2. Donation 10 € 1 Wrap + 2 Indian Snacks

3. Donation 25 Euro – 2 WRAP + 2 Indian Snacks

4. Donation 50 Euro – 2 Meal Box + 1 Wrap

5. Donation 75 Euro – 3 Meal Box + 2 Wraps + 2 Snacks

6. Donation 100 Euro – 4 Meal Boxes + 3 Wraps + 3 Snacks + 1 Indian Drink

7. Donation 150 Euro – 5 Meal Boxes + 4 Wraps + 2 Portion of Our Chai Blend

Note : Every purchase can be redeemed on the basis of respected options. 

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